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-=McAfee VirusScan Plus 2008
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the wide variety of viruses, hackers and blended threats lurking on the
Internet today, you need more than a simple anti-virus program to keep
your PC and files secure. McAfee® VirusScan® Plus AntiVirus, Firewall
& AntiSpyware provides the essential protection you need to surf
the Web and download files safely.
With McAfee VirusScan Plus
powerful integrated technologies work together to combat and defeat
even the most sophisticated multi-pronged attacks. McAfee's trusted PC
protection blocks and removes threats automatically, and identifies
spyware and adware before they can run on your PC. Plus, to keep things
extra simple, the new McAfee SecurityCenter gives you at-a-glance
control over all your McAfee applications. Get the confidence you need
to surf the Web, knowing McAfee is always on, always updating and
always protecting you.

* Offers 3 in 1 PC Protection from viruses, hackers and spyware so you can surf the Web safely.
* Prevents multi-pronged attacks by integrating anti-virus, firewall, and anti-spyware technologies.
* Simplifies security with the new and improved McAfee SecurityCenter.
* Warns you about sites which send spam, install adware, or attempt online scams.
* Shields your PC around the clock: always on, always updating, always protecting.

Product Benefits:
* Stops Viruses. Automatically blocks, cleans, and removes viruses so you can surf the Web safely and download files.
Blocks Spyware. Blocks spyware before it installs on your computer and
removes existing spyware so you can surf the Web safely.
* Stops Hackers. Protects and conceals your computer from hackers so you can surf the Internet safely.
* Guards important files stored on your computer, and helps prevent your computer from crashing.
* Automatically monitors incoming and outgoing Internet activity, looking for suspicious applications and data.
* Improves your computer's performance by removing clutter and freeing disk space.
* Provides advance warning to help you avoid sites which send spam, install adware, or attempt online scams.
Redesigned for You. Scan your computer, check for updates and configure
your security settings using the new McAfee SecurityCenter. This
essential, easy-to-use program gives you one-click access to your
computers security information.
* Always On, Always Protecting. 24/7
virus and threat protection from McAfee® AVERT™ Labs continuously
monitors worldwide virus activities and provides immediate, anti-virus
protection and removal solutions.
* Always Upgrading, Always
Updating. Daily updates are installed automatically. When a new version
of McAfee is available, you get it automatically at no charge during
your subscription, ensuring that you always have up-to-date protection.
* Convenient, Ongoing Protection. McAfee offers a variety of renewal options to keep your McAfee protection current.
Real People, Real Help. Support from McAfee's computer security
experts, via Internet chat, e-mail and phone.

New and Improved Features :
New! Integrated anti-virus, anti-spyware, firewall, anti-spam,
anti-phishing, and backup technologies work together to combat today's
sophisticated, multi-pronged attacks.
* Improved! Spyware protection detects, blocks, and removes spyware and adware.
New! Automated backup saves copies of your most valuable files wherever
you want, encrypting and storing your files on a CD/DVD, USB or
external or network drive.
* New! McAfee® ImageAnalysis enhances
content protection by protecting your family from potentially offensive
content and pictures.
* New! McAfee® SystemGuards watches your computer for specific behaviors that may signal virus, spyware, or hacker activity.
New! McAfee® X-Ray for Windows detects and kills rootkits and other
malicious applications that hide from Windows and other anti-virus
* New! McAfee® SiteAdvisorTM adds safety ratings to sites
and search engine results based on comprehensive spam, adware, and
online scam safety tests.
* Improved! McAfee® SecurityCenter makes
it simple to review your computer's security status, check for updates,
and fix potential security issues.

For Windows 2000 SP4, XP and Vista


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